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Volunteers are the heart and soul of Habitat for Humanity. Because of the help of people like you, hardworking families have access to quality affordable housing in safe, vibrant neighborhoods with opportunities to thrive. Volunteering comes in many forms, not just using hammer and nails. Volunteers can clean the job site, bring bake goods, snacks, and water to those who are working on the build.

Group of volunteered workers

Local volunteers help build and repair homes, serve as members of our board and on various special committees, help to provide lunches at our build sites and work at our ReStore retail locations. They tackle our communities housing challenges at ground level.

Young volunteers smiling to the camera

The youngest members of our community are often those most drastically affected by housing challenges. Getting our youth interested in volunteering is educational, responsible and provides a vast array of options for them to give back to the Cape Area community.

Workers beginning work on the foundation of a home
other programs

Volunteers may also sign up for Women Build events, where women of every walk of life are invited and encouraged to learn how to build and struct a home. There is no minimum required experience level and it is a fantastic opportunity to pick up skills that can effectively serve our community.

become a positive force for change in your community

Service equals shelter for a family in need. Find a way to give that fits you.