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take the first steps

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Your interest in Habitat for Humanity - Cape Area homeownership program means you are taking the first steps towards securing a home for you and your family.

From filling out your initial application to putting the keys to your home in your hands, we work closely with individuals and families to realize a tomorrow where safe and affordable housing is a reality. This is a complex process and will require time and hard work to accomplish, but this is not an undertaking you have to do alone.

We don’t just help you build a home—at Habitat for Humanity-Cape Area, we provide you with the tools and knowledge essential to effective homeownership. We teach you about budgeting and managing your finances, how a mortgage works, how to properly maintain and care for the property and a host of other information.

how do we proceed

do we qualify for habitat homeownership?

  • Demonstrate an urgent need for safe and affordable housing according to the needs of your individual community.
  • After selection, work with us throughout the build and process, contributing “sweat equity” in which you assist in building your home and possibly the homes of others utilizing the Habitat Homeownership program. Participants may also take educational homeownership courses or volunteer in our ReStore retail location.
  • Pay an affordable mortgage that will be used to provide resources to other builds and ensure the dream of homeownership is a reality for others in our program.

who can apply?

Anyone. We do not discriminate based upon race, religion or background when considering individuals and families as potential homebuyers.