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your donation provides strength, stability and independence to local families.

Habitat for Humanity - Cape Area monthly givers are an impactful part of our efforts to provide safe and secure housing for low-income individuals and families seeking to improve their lives and living situation.

Habitat for Humanity - Cape Area Family members set up small donations that are automatically deposited every month. These donations help us to create our budgets more effectively and efficiently allowing our organization to make the best use of those resources. You decide your level of support, how long you want to give, and you may cancel monthly donations at any time.

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the advantage of giving monthly

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customize your donation

Small monthly donations can be adjusted to fit your budget. Even the smallest donation helps.

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no complications

Simply set up the monthly donation, choose your amount and cancel or adjust your amount at any time.

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a force for change

Habitat for Humanity - Cape Area members ensure our organization has a consistent and reliable level of resources to put into our community.

Service equals shelter for a family in need. Find a way to give that fits you.