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February 3, 2018

Be A Part Of Our Family

Are interested in buying a home with Cape Area Habitat for Humanity, but not sure how the process works? Here’s a step-by-step guide.

Each applicant must meet the following requirements:

To get started, first you should understand that you must have a form of steady income. Unacceptable income includes unemployment benefits, and any other form of temporary income. SNAP income, permanent child support, SSI, and other forms of assistance are considered. You, the applicant(s), must be willing and able to partner with Cape Area Habitat for Humanity.

The Application Process:

Our application process has many areas of focus. If you meet all of the qualifications and have a successful home visit, you will be asked to execute a partnership agreement with Habitat for Humanity – Cape Area. Your application and documents will be reviewed for approval by the Family Selection Committee and the Board of Directors.

Click here for more information.

A local display has been assembled by members of the Cape Area Housing Committee in the lobby of Wehrenberg Theatres Cape West 14 Cine designed to bring awareness to the plight of those in our community who experience lack of food and shelter on a regular basis. The display can be viewed through November 28th.

Earlier this week, Habitat for Humanity’s Executive Director, Al Stoverink, along with representatives from several other organizations and community leaders, joined together to kick off National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week, presenting the display and shedding light on several issues that affect the homeless community, including mental health, substance use, and food insecurity. Mayor Harry Rediger also read a proclamation, approved by the City of Cape Girardeau, in recognition and support.

While this week is a great opportunity to raise awareness and volunteer, it is important to acknowledge these issues live on year round. Cape Area Habitat for Humanity is proud to partner with over 20 other organizations in being part of the Cape Area Housing Committee, a group actively involved, throughout the year, in promoting housing resources within the Cape Girardeau and surrounding communities. If you are interested in learning more about the Housing Committee or want to be involved in the homelessness solution, please contact us at

November 9, 2016

Meet Jennifer

Meet JenniferJennifer is a remarkable woman. At an
early age, she made the decision that she did not want children.
However, life rarely unfolds as we have it planned out. In those
following years, Jennifer would watch a movie that would forever change
her life and lead her to consider adoption as an option. Today, the
lady who didn’t want children is a wonderful mother. Jennifer has six
foster children whom she is in the process of adopting. A graduate of
Southeast Missouri State University, hard-working, determined and
focused all describe Jennifer.

When Jennifer heard about
Habitat for Humanity from a cousin, she thought that this would provide
her with the perfect opportunity to provide a home for her family.
Jennifer has a steady income. She fell within Habitat’s income
guidelines and not only was she willing and able to partner with Habitat
to build up her sweat equity hours, she may well have reached those
needed hours in record time. Perhaps you had the chance to meet
Jennifer as she achieved a number of her hours volunteering at Habitat’s

Jennifer exemplifies one of Habitat’s core
beliefs, it’s not about giving a hand out, it is all about giving a hand
up. In this case, a hand up to a woman who has made an incredible
difference in the lives of six young children. Six children, who
without Jennifer would still likely be in the foster system. Six young
children who, thanks to your support, will soon call a Habitat house …

Cape Area Habitat for Humanity has been a great organization to partner with. Their desire to help us fulfill the dream of owning our own home has opened so many doors for our family and has given us the courage needed to make other responsible financial and life decisions. Cape Area Habitat for Humanity has given our family the opportunity to take reasonable steps to get out of the mess we had made and pursue the American Dream. Thank You for the “hand up” to a better life for our family, our children, and our community!

-Paul Aydelott

We have lived in our Habitat for Humanity house for over 5 years and we couldn’t be happier. Thanks to Habitat, our family has a home of our own, that we helped build ourselves. Now our children can grow and thrive in a safe and affordable place. If it weren’t for Habitat, we might not have been able to build and own our beautiful home!

–John and Ashlei Sterling

April 21, 2016

Renee’s Story

My name is Renee Miller, I live at 1119 Cousin St in Cape Girardeau, Mo. My house was built in 2004 so I’ve been in my house for 10yrs. I loved building on MY HOUSE from the ground up watching step by step my house coming to life. Picking what I want in my house was great knowing that I’m paying on a house is great. Plus meeting different people that helped on my house putting in their love & blessing on this house was amazing. Thank you, Habitat, for this opportunity.